We just love pizza, it is our true passion.
To us pizza is an art to be mastered…
We hope that you are as excited as we are about Basement Browns and would like to welcome you to your new local pizzeria!

  • The Place to Be

    Having travelled to some fantastic cities throughout Italy and the US, we found that local pizzerias were often the places in town to relax and unwind after work, or even to simply grab a quick and convenient snack at any time during the day. With that in mind, we set out to bring the perfect pizzeria to our home town...

  • We love Pizza

    The team here at Basement Browns is madly passionate about producing fresh, healthy, nutritious and most importantly, delicious food! Our pizzas are made using dough fermented on site every day, hand stretched, topped with quality fresh ingredients, then tossed in our traditional stone oven where they are baked for only 90 seconds to produce an authentic, mouth-watering pizza!

  • Best Ingredients

    All of the products we serve, from pizza & salad to pasta & desserts are made with quality ingredients, mostly sourced from Italy, the home of great pizza! We are equally proud of our coffee, made with the finest espresso beans, using our state of the art coffee machine. We know our customers have their own individual tastes, so that’s why you can choose from our extensive list of free ingredients to turn a pizza, into your pizza!

  • Local & Best

    It is our belief that pizzerias are completely misinterpreted in the UK, they’re mainly represented by clone chains of Italian restaurants (you know who I’m talking about!) and are often too formal to enjoy when out and about. We have taken our first step to remedy this by launching Basement Browns...and where better to open our shop than right here in Royal Leamington Spa!


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